A Watched Pot Never Boils

Why is it that I begin cooking when I am already hungry? It makes an impatient person an extremely impatient (wanna-be) chef. It is as if I turn into a baby around 8:30 pm; I am cranky from hunger and need instant results. It has gotten to a point that every time I place a concoction in the oven, I must turn the oven light on as well.  The routine is as goes: Bake, 350, Oven Light. Every time.

Last night my friend Kerri and I made a roast chicken. For maybe 45 min out of the hour and a half cooking time, we were watching the bird roast. We would squat down to the level of the oven and stare, as if the cooking process would speed up by the power of our hungry eyes.

The chicken and veggies were absolutely delicious. I chopped organic vegetables such as golden potatoes, butternut squash, and brussel sprouts, and placed them all around the chicken. After plenty of seasoning and an immense effort to get that crispy golden crust, the dish turned out pretty pretty pretty good for a first time roast.

Check out the Concoctions page for the Roast Chicken recipe.

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